BEAUMONT – by Lauren Huet

KFDM Channel 6 News

If you drive around the Northwestern part of Beaumont, you’ll see a number of new homes going up. Realtors say the Southeast Texas housing market is booming.

“This is an outdoor pavilion area, you have a full kitchen over here,” said Jack Aulbaugh, pointing to a section of the home he’s building. Jack Aulbaugh owns Aulbaugh Construction.

He’s building a custom home in the Crescent on Walden Road in Beaumont. There’s a lot of new construction in Northwest Beaumont.

“I build in Barrington, Westchase Village, Calder Terrace, and then outside the city limits,” said Aulbaugh.

He says it’s a good time to build and to buy.

“The market is good. Like I said, with interest rates low you have a lot of buyers, a lot of people that want to buy,” said Aulbaugh. “There are a lot of people that are looking in the Barrington area and out here.”

According to the Texas A&M Real Estate Center, this February, 43 homes in Southeast Texas sold in less than 60 days, and 17 homes sold in less than a month. A total of 210 homes sold this February.

“This is very encouraging. We are seeing less days on market, there’s a house in Westchase that had a contract within five days of being listed. So, if you price it correctly, and it’s just a great house, it’s got to be the perfect storm, yes we are seeing less days on market,” said President of the Beaumont Board of Realtors Vivian Todd.

Todd says they’re seeing a lot of growth.

“A lot of people moving up to their second homes,” said Todd, “first time homebuyers, and they got enough equity, or their families are growing so they’re wanting more bedrooms, bigger yards. Lots of relocations with oil and gas positions moving around right now.”

Todd says the home where we conducted our interview with her in the Fairfield subdivision sold quickly. It was built by Trademark.

“There’s a few more on this street that are available, but these builders are going to be building more,” said Todd. “This particular builder, Trademark, has built, I think, this is the eleventh and twelfth houses they’re starting and they’ve seen a real boom in how quickly they’re selling.”

A booming market as new homes pop up and sell in Southeast Texas.

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